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Jussi Jumppanen
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Default ANN: Zeus Version 3.95 Editor Released

This message is to announce the release of the version 3.95 of
the Zeus for Windows programmer's editor.

Some of the features new to this release include:

+ Code folding support for the Clipper, C/C++, C#, D, Fortran,
Forth, HTML, Java, Java Script, Lua, PHP, Python, Perl, Rexx,
Ruby, SAS, Verilog and Visual Basic languages

+ Drag and drop mouse text editing

+ Improved code completion/intellisensing

+ Improved CVS integration

+ Improved Visual Source Safe integration

+ Improved doxygen integration

+ Improved syntax highlighting for Latex, HTML and XML

+ Workspace Builder to help create project/workspace files

+ Tags Database Builder to help create stand alone ctags
database files

+ Improved Tags Search dialog

+ Support for multi-monitor systems

For a complete list of Zeus features visit this page:

NOTE: Zeus is shareware. The fully functional free trial version
can be downloaded from here:

Jussi Jumppanen
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