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Default Re: "port not found in module definition" compile error

mk wrote:
> On Mon, 17 Jan 2005 01:17:57 -0600, Junk0 <[email protected]>
> wrote:
>>I'm getting a "port not found in module definition" error
>>message on verilog-XL compile ( [Verilog-PNFMD] ). The port
>>is clearly defined in the module reference and in the module
>>definition. What manual/online-manual would give me more
>>information into this error?

> It's possible that you are instantiating a module with a port which
> doesn't exist in the module itself. Sometimes RXD0 can be confused
> with RXDO which can cause this problem.

OK, I checked spelling errors closely. The gate-level verilog code
was generated from insidde Cadence schematic capture tool. I replaced
the global power supply signal(vdd) on some logic gates with a local
supply signal(vdd_l) and that's when the compiler started giving the
"port not found..." error. Still loooking at it.

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