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On 16 Nov 2004 17:01:20 -0800, [email protected] wrote:

>Hi all,
> Can anyone tell me what will be the approximate power consumpton of
>a 95K block in TSMC 13u Process. I know the exact power will be
>depending on the switching activity in the nets. But I am looking for
>an approximate value..
>My 94K block is consuming 77mW of power (reported by power compiler)..
>Do you think its huge??

You can calculate a very approximate power consumption like this:
Take the power consumption of a nand2 (1x drive) cell (assuming your
94k number is in terms of this) and assume that the average load on
each nand2 is a certain pf load. Also assume a certain frequency of
change on inputs and outputs of the cells based on a certain
percentage of your clock frequency. Now you can use the following
equation to get a very rough approximation of power:
Pavg = (total energy of inputs) * A * F + C * Vdd^2* B * F (per cell)

where A is the percentage of input changes and B is percentage of
output changes and F is your clock frequency.
Now if you assume energy of inputs is 0.03 uW/MHz, F=10MHz, A=.5,
B=0.5, C=0.05 and Vdd = 1.3 you get Pavg = .36125 uW per cell. With
94K cells this is 33.9 mW which shows that your 77mW is not
outrageously out of range assuming your actual numbers are anywhere
near the assumptions.

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