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Default Re: OT: flexlm license tracking

[email protected] (Ramesh) wrote in message news:<[email protected] com>...
> [email protected] (Chris Briggs) wrote in message news:<[email protected] com>...
> > I'd like to get a report of our license usage to get some stats, like
> > peak usage, how many times we had X number of licenses in use, and
> > such. Does anyone have or know of a script or utility to go through
> > the license server logfile and produce this data?
> >
> > Thanks.
> >
> > -cb

> There is a tool called SAMreport from Globetrotter/Macrovision that
> does what you want and more.
> Since the logfile lists time and not date it is not straight forward
> to do the analysis you require on the log file; for instance 20:00
> check out and 22:00 release could be 2 hours or 26 hours.
> If you had a cron job that fired up a marker executable at midnight
> everyday to mark days you might then be able to write a script for
> what you need :-)
> ramesh

There are couple of ways to do it...

1. While you start your licence manager, pipe the output or tee the
output to a file and it records all the details of usage.

2. Wrap your eda tool executable with a wrapper script that customizes
your data collection. You can add time, date, system fired with,
system fired on, memory usage before firing the job, swap usage etc.

3. You can put a deamon that always polls for the eda tool process and
whenever finds one, records data on a file.


- Prasanna
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