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Chris Briggs
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Default Re: OT: flexlm license tracking

[email protected] (Ramesh) wrote in message news:<[email protected] com>...
> There is a tool called SAMreport from Globetrotter/Macrovision that
> does what you want and more.

Thanks. Unfortunately, I'm having a hard time convincing my boss we
need more simulator licenses, so I was hoping someone had written
something there were willing to share. Not having heard anything
sooner, one of my colleagues found a little time to do what we need.

> Since the logfile lists time and not date it is not straight forward
> to do the analysis you require on the log file; for instance 20:00
> check out and 22:00 release could be 2 hours or 26 hours.
> If you had a cron job that fired up a marker executable at midnight
> everyday to mark days you might then be able to write a script for
> what you need :-)

Actually, it does give the date, albeit in a slightly annoying
fashion. Every 6 hours it produces a timestamp line that looks like
5:27:22 (lmgrd) TIMESTAMP 8/11/2003

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