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Richard Iachetta
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Default Re: What's the difference between HDL Compiler(Presto Verilog) & HDL Compiler for Verilog?

In article <[email protected] >,
[email protected] says...
> Hi,
> I'm reading the Synopsys documentations. There are two documents.
> One is HDL Compiler for Verilog Reference Manual, the other is HDL
> Compiler (Presto Verilog) Reference Manual. Can somebody tell me
> what's the difference between them?
> Best wishes,
> Peng

Synopsys' old verilog reader / synthesizer is the HDL compiler. Presto
is their newer (more supported) verilog reader / synthesizer. The main
difference between the two is that they have different bugs.

Rich Iachetta
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