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Yes you can preload rams using coregen. You can specify a file that
contains the ram values to preload into memory. Or you can use the
FPGA editor to do it manually but that is a lot harder.


[email protected] (pranav) wrote in message news:<[email protected] com>...
> >
> > Hi!
> > Xilinx Spartan II has BlockRAM support, So use their coregen utility to
> > generate the Dual port RAM/ROM according to your requirement.
> > If it is an RAM and you want to preload data, you have to have an external logic
> > to do so.
> >
> > Rajkumar...

> I think you can preload the memory locations with the value of your
> choice. This facility is also available in coregen utility. But i am
> not sure whether you can preload only particular memory locations with
> the value of your choice. I used to work on this sort of things two
> years back so may be my memory have faded a bit but anyway try it out.
> pranav

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