FPGA Whitepapers/ CPLD Whitepapers

WP213 - Comparing and Contrasting FPGA and Microprocessor System Design and Development

Programmable Logic Devices offer a cost effective alternative to custom microprocessors due to their generic nature with the added benefits of short time-to-market, no NRE costs, off-theshelf availab

WP245 - Achieving Higher System Performance with the Virtex-5 Family of FPGAs

The Virtexâ„¢-5 devices comprise a multi-platform FPG A family based on second-generation Advanced Silicon Modular Block (ASMBLâ„¢) column-based architecture.

WP194 - Telematics Digital Convergence:How to Cope with Emerging Standards and Protocols

Digital convergence, in recent history, has been prevalent in the consumer equipment domain and the design engineers in this area have been struggling with a plethora of emerging standards and protoc

WP195 - Creating and Editing XPower XML Files

XML is a meta-markup language for text documents. Data is available in XML documents as strings.

WP257 - What Are PERIOD Constraints?

A fundamental timing constraint is the PERIOD constraint. This paper discusses the overall purpose of PERIOD constraints and the specific paths that are covered by PERIOD constraints.

WP150 - Solving the Challenges for Terabit Networking and Beyond

In today’s world of modular networking and telecommunications design, it is becoming increasingly difficult to keep alignment with the many different and often changing interfaces, both inter-board

WP164 - IBM Licenses Embedded FPGA Cores from Xilinx for Use in SoC ASICs

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IBM and Xilinx recently announced a license agreement to develop programmable logic cores for use within the next generation IBM “Cu-08” ASIC product — this is a crucial link in the on-going qu

WP270 - Forward Error Correction in Digital Television Broadcast Systems

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Digital television (DTV) broadcasting is in the process of migrating from analog to digital systems, with regions around the world at different stages of adoption.

WP163 - Synthesis Tool Enhancements for Virtex Architectures

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With the advent of platform FPGAs, programmable logic circuits provide an ever-growing set of architectural elements. Days when FPGAs were simply made of LUTs and flip-flops are long gone.

WP175 - High-Speed Serial Interconnects: Technical Advantages, IC, and System Design Strategies

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Companies across a wide range of industries are witnessing a transition from parallel to high-speed serial I/O solutions to reduce system costs, simplify system design, and provide scalability to me

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