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Synopsys Synopsys President/CoCEO Dr. Chi-Foon Chan in Armenia discussing Synopsys corporate values #eda http://t.co/V4lqflRJ - @richgoldman
Synopsys US Ambassador to Armenia John Heffern helping out Synopsys & family plant trees in Armenia. #edA http://t.co/ZRuERbmc - @richgoldman
Xilinx Learn how to analyze your Vivado HLS design using the Design Viewer: http://t.co/hXLWPZ1W - Xilinx Vivado Tutorials #FPGA #Design
Vivek Venugopal @shalakad nice !
LinkedIn Jobs Sr. Embedded Firmware/Software Engineer at Advanced Energy - Fort Collins, Colorado Area #in #jobs http://t.co/xkX3asas
e2optics RT: @piyorin_cat6 もはや原型もなさそうですけどね(笑) http://t.co/ykukfXlN
e2optics RT: @piyorin_cat6 でもね、布団は浮気ものなんだ。誰でもいいんだよ・・・ http://t.co/enStTPS2
e2optics RT: @piyorin_cat6 でも何より、繋ぐには約半年は必要だwwwww http://t.co/eDBavPld
e2optics RT: @hyouri2525 いいですよ!誘ってくださいな♪ http://t.co/NBU1uBqk
e2optics RT: @piyorin_cat6 スタイリッシュお別れwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww 布団かっw http://t.co/ORkZscwW
e2optics RT: Preisabschlag 54% Preis: 3,62€. Zubehör: Belkin PatchKabel 1m UTP snagless Cat5e grau. http://t.co/nh157J84 http://t.co/O4WoIoIo
LinkedIn Jobs Senior Project Engineer - Renewable Energy at Arete Executive - Brisbane Area, Australia #in #jobs http://t.co/mxaoC17J
e2optics RT: @mitsuba_7 なんかみつばさん可愛いwwwwよしよししたくなりましたww http://t.co/miH48lwV
e2optics RT: @piyorin_cat6 おやありです! http://t.co/y4DpkOqW
e2optics RT: @piyorin_cat6 ヤバい、めっちゃ嬉しい(*´▽`*) http://t.co/A8eFUrcA
e2optics RT: @py4yb21 違いますからね!?ww不器用なんですwwww http://t.co/LfvKnNlm
e2optics RT: @hyouri2525 嘘付けええええええええええええええええええええええええええええええええええええ!!!! http://t.co/VmY98EpJ
e2optics RT: Cables To Go 37721 LC/LC Plenum-Rated 9/125 Simplex Single-Mode Fiber Patch Cable, Black (6.56 Feet / 2 Mete... http://t.co/gRXkrPWK
e2optics RT: CAT5E, UTP, Bulk Cable, Stranded, 350MHz, 24 AWG, Orange, 1000 ft. CAT 5 Cable Bulk, CAT 5 Cable Bulk: CAT5E... http://t.co/TZO2jc7S
e2optics RT: @hyouri2525 氷くん…頭大丈夫? http://t.co/qMlNdAfb
e2optics RT: @piyorin_cat6 おはようです!風邪は万年引いている様なものなので大丈夫ですw http://t.co/rvhidSae
e2optics RT: @piyorin_cat6 ピーナツ?(難聴) http://t.co/5sn5RPpZ
e2optics RT: @ruuya626 素敵だねっ(*´ω`*)こっちまで2828しちゃうww http://t.co/IrDdBlRS
e2optics RT: @hyouri2525 ドーナツ!!!!!!!! http://t.co/WJtLtSnU
e2optics RT: CAT5E Patch Cable RJ45M/RJ45M; 10 Blue: Belkin Cat 5E Patch Cable A3L781-10-BLU 711 http://t.co/B3a5cEFd http://t.co/NXTOH32j
LinkedIn Jobs A/V Systems Engineer at Electrosonic - Greater New York City Area #in #jobs http://t.co/pFw7ImYz
LinkedIn Jobs Product Development Engineer at Spinal Elements, Inc. - Greater San Diego Area #in #jobs http://t.co/JxykyxHr
e2optics RT: My love for the Black Keys is getting unhealthy. http://t.co/bhTpnzwg
e2optics RT: @feyhops ta, http://t.co/pirvfsry 48 of those so http://t.co/7fw39qZZ
e2optics RT: ネットワーク機器 エレコム EU RoHS指令準拠 CAT5E対応 LANケーブル 20m/簡易パッケージ仕様(ブルー) LD-CT/BU20/RS http://t.co/WsW3NmL9 http://t.co/efMP5YIX
Synopsys #SoC #designers: new to #UVM? Here's how you can get started with Discovery #AXI #VIP http://t.co/FXAhouLa #AMBA #verifi... - @shemmady
LinkedIn Jobs Dev Ninja at Openwave Messaging, Inc. - San Francisco Bay Area #in #jobs http://t.co/XRppjPrH
LinkedIn Jobs Project / Product Engineer at Novaflow Systems, Inc. - Ontario, Canada #in #jobs http://t.co/RsyRzexw
e2optics RT: Axiom - SFP (mini-GBIC) transceiver module - 1000Base-SX - plug-in module 100PCT HP COMPATIBLE 1000BASE-SX S... http://t.co/oKSspCEN
Xilinx via @BruceFienberg Dynamic Partial Reconfiguration in Xilinx 7 Series #AllProgrammable FPGAs #ARM Cortex-A9-based SoCs http://t.co/wJri1FzS
Clive (Max) Maxfield 3D FPGAs TNG: Xilinx 7 Series & Beyond @xilincinc @allprogplanet http://t.co/tFIoWcOc
LinkedIn Jobs Plan Review Engineer at Consultant Engineering, Inc. - Phoenix, Arizona Area #in #jobs http://t.co/bnCeFD2n
e2optics RT: #7m red lszh #sstp cat6 7m http://t.co/sX0HosdS SSTP CAT6 7M RED LSZH http://t.co/g3r1OiYU
e2optics RT: I uploaded a @YouTube video http://t.co/hlqN2d1m Cat6 Building Entrance Solid State Protector | SurgeGate Cat6-LAN http://t.co/fB6i6N77
e2optics RT: I uploaded a @YouTube video http://t.co/5mD1YaQY Cat6 6 Port Patch Panel | Dynacom 2013-06C6E http://t.co/kWVegbZb

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