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FPGA Central #FPGA #News : Instant Prototyping in the Time It Takes to Make a Cup of Coffee - PR Newswire (press release) http://bit.ly/66rbt2
FPGA Central #FPGA #News : Lattice Announces First Low Cost FPGA With Serial RapidIO 2.1 Support - PR-USA.net (press release) http://bit.ly/884Txf
FPGA Central #FPGA #News : Nanoboard 3000 includes instant deployment option - Electronics Talk (press release) http://bit.ly/7cqmjI
FPGA Central #FPGA #News : Accelerating bioinformatics searching and dot plotting using a scalable FPGA ... - Embedded.com http://bit.ly/5XzHqq
FPGA Central #FPGA #News : Netezza Corp. F3Q10 (Qtr End 31/10/09) Earnings Call Transcript - Seeking Alpha (blog) http://bit.ly/7FSift
FPGA Central #FPGA #News : PRODUCT HOW-TO: Prototyping asics using fpgas - Embedded.com http://bit.ly/5yGAgC
DSP-FPGA.com Front-end Network Appliance with Dual PCI-E Slots, VIA Padlock Security Engine and a Low Power Mode: (Taipei, Taiwa... http://bit.ly/7DoGrg
Patrick Hopper Working on Q1 2010 webcast topics (#Embeddedlinux, #Multicore, Power Management, Embedded Security). Interested in participating?
FPGA Central #FPGA #News : The interface makes the FPGA - EDN.com http://bit.ly/4tybLg
Patrick Hopper RT @ImaginationPR Imagination reveals new META family of embedded SoC processors http://tinyurl.com/ybjcfbn
FPGA Central #FPGA #News : Evatronix adds 200Mbyte/s flash interface with onfi 2.2 - ElectronicsWeekly.com http://bit.ly/8IQtl1
FPGA Central #FPGA #News : Broadcast Connectivity Platform simplifies digital interface development. - ThomasNet Industrial News... http://bit.ly/822xlu
FPGA Central #FPGA #News : A look into the future of FPGAs with Xilinx's Gavrielov and Rangasayee - EDN.com http://bit.ly/6kg1Uw
Patrick Hopper Checking out Google Wave Tweety application, very cool. Here is a good list of Google Wave Gadgets http://bit.ly/5VgWbB
FPGA Central #FPGA #News : eTools 8.0 software suite from eASIC for simplifying 45nm ASIC design - EE Herald http://bit.ly/4MkKxi
Patrick Hopper Learn how Freescale's ZigBee Smart Energy completes the connection from the grid to the consumer @freescale http://ow.ly/EREB
DSP-FPGA.com Learn how Freescale's ZigBee Smart Energy completes the connection from the grid to the consumer @freescale http://ow.ly/EREB
DSP-FPGA.com EVE CEO Luc Burgun to Participate in IP-ESC'09 Panel on Transactors: Luc Burgun, chief executive officer of EVE, th... http://bit.ly/4IlvXX
Patrick Hopper Smart monitoring & automation with Freescale i.MX25 Applic. Proc. & QNX Software Suite. Register at http://ow.ly/ER7d @freescale @qnx_news
DSP-FPGA.com EVE Joins ARM Solution Center for Android: EVE, the leader in hardware/software co-verification, a member of th.. http://bit.ly/08Nzkg5
Patrick Hopper Planning print, webcast, white paper campaigns for Embedded vendors for 2010. We are now the top webcast producer! How can we help you?
FPGA Central #FPGA #News : Virtex-6 FPGA platform supports multiple HDTV channels - ElectronicsWeekly.com http://bit.ly/6CCxTM
FPGA Central #FPGA #News : GV Expo: Telecast Brings New Configurable Rattler - Government Video http://bit.ly/8VG7eh
FPGA Central #FPGA #News : Evatronix Announces ONFi 2.2 High-Speed Interface Support to its NAND Flash ... - Design and Reuse (p... http://bit.ly/557hux
FPGA Central #FPGA #News : Coprocessors ride again - Register http://bit.ly/6DDjOO
Patrick Hopper @Bob_Pickles check out www.mil-embedded.com for MIL STD 1553 articles, news, and products.
FPGA Central #FPGA #News : Lattice unveils Serial RapidIO 2.1 soft core for ECP3 FPGAs - ElectronicsWeekly.com http://bit.ly/54GN8o
FPGA Central #FPGA #News : QPACE Distinguished As World's Most Energy-Efficient Supercomputer - india-server.com http://bit.ly/6qwquX
FPGA Central #FPGA #News : FireWire Fires Up World's First 3.2 Gigabit IEEE 1394b firewire SOC Solution - SYS-CON Media (press r... http://bit.ly/7nd9Sk
FPGA Central #FPGA #News : Altera Introduces Serial rapidio 2.1 IP Solution - Trading Markets (press release) http://bit.ly/5foc0R
FPGA Central #FPGA #News : Actel's high configurable DSP IP cores expand its RTAX-DSP FPGAs - EE Herald http://bit.ly/5GFbjs
FPGA Central #FPGA #News : World's most energy-efficient supercomputer recognized - Gaea Times http://bit.ly/6mMI97
FPGA Central #FPGA #News : Redtree Solutions Ltd Named Representative for Lattice Semiconductor in France ... - PR-USA.net (pres... http://bit.ly/5S9U4c
FPGA Central #FPGA #News : Premier Electronics Named “Engineer's Favourite Distributor” for 2009 by EDN China - India Busine... http://bit.ly/5r3AH5
FPGA Central #FPGA #News : Altera Signs Distribution Agreement with Newark - IT Business Net http://bit.ly/7pr6fq
FPGA Central #FPGA #News : Start-up Convey Computer Sees Acceleration in Bioinformatics as a Good Fit for ... - GenomeWeb Daily News http://bit.ly/8fExOW
Patrick Hopper Opening Military, Aerospace, and Government Apps blog from @dondingee http://bit.ly/OZ3Pe #Intel @intelembedded
Patrick Hopper Looking for up-to-date news & articles on RTOS? Check out the RTOS Channel from @embedded_mag http://channels.opensystemsmedia.com/RTOS
FPGA Central #FPGA #News : Altera Signs Distribution Agreement with Newark - SYS-CON Media (press release) http://bit.ly/5LrdBe
FPGA Central #FPGA #News : Altera Signs Distribution Agreement with Newark - SYS-CON Media (press release) http://bit.ly/8sGZZT

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