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Dave Orecchio RT @GateRocket: Fuel for the Rocket http://bit.ly/4UP8eV #FPGA #Verification #Debug #Semiconductor
GateRocket Team Fuel for the Rocket http://bit.ly/4UP8eV #FPGA #Verification #Debug #Semiconductor
DSP-FPGA.com DSP-FPGA.com Joint FPGA-DSP grab, squeeze, and send effort sees video compression success: Tim walks us through the... http://bit.ly/4VF906
Patrick Hopper OpenSystemsMedia.com Bluetooth connects more devices: http://bit.ly/5pArWz
Patrick Hopper Attention: Mil/Aerospace vendors- Military Embedded Sys Jan/Feb topics Mission Critical, RTOS, Cooling, Data Recorder: http://bit.ly/4YDQaS
DSP-FPGA.com Signatec Releases PX1500-4, Its 4-Channel, 1.5 GHz Per Channel / 2-Channel, 3 GHz Per Channel PCI-Express Digitizer... http://bit.ly/85Y5lc
DSP-FPGA.com DSP-FPGA.com DC-HSPA+, MediaTek's rise, and training wheels: Expert analysis from Will on topics ranging from lower... http://bit.ly/5nMrSJ
DSP-FPGA.com G4ADSP Rugged Quad Processor from GE Intelligent Platforms Addresses Radar, Sonar, Image Processing and Communicati... http://bit.ly/8zxWkn
Patrick Hopper OpenSystemsMedia.com 2010: New decade, new ideas: http://bit.ly/5tKPID
Patrick Hopper Annual CompactPCI, AdvancedTCA, MicroTCA Resource Guide categories announced http://bit.ly/7pI1Vh #picmg #atca #microtca
Patrick Hopper Is GE looking to buy Rockwell Automation for $8.5B? http://bit.ly/5BhBxG
DSP-FPGA.com Pentek Introduces Specialized Beamforming Module for PC Platforms: Pentek is introducing two beamformer PCIe m... http://bit.ly/6siJD1
Patrick Hopper RT @esc_events: #ESC SV Reg is Now Open! Register today & save $100. Use Promo Code: H100 http://budurl.com/h6uq #esc_events.
DSP-FPGA.com Unified Network Communication Appliance with 7 Network Ports and up to 8Gb of RAM: (Taipei, Taiwan December 15... http://bit.ly/6x6h7c
Patrick Hopper @intelembedded Connect this contest ends today! (Embedded Challenge) Chance to with $10k http://bit.ly/8aUNQx #intel
Patrick Hopper RT @Rebecca_Barker: OpenVPX: Architecture Roundtable eCast 12/17/09 at 2pm EST http://bit.ly/52zGOo @mrcy @GE_Fanuc @caciufo
DSP-FPGA.com STMicroelectronics Reinforces Leadership in Ultra-Efficient MOSFETs with Extra Super-Junction Device Supporting Ind... http://bit.ly/4Wn1Rr
Patrick Hopper Mocana Free Trial offer: NanoCrypto gov. certified cryptographic engine for embedded systems http://bit.ly/6NIIFH #zigbee #security
Patrick Hopper RT @rickjamison An interview with Patrick Hopper (using Twitter in Embedded space) http://bit.ly/7jIOp1 #snps @synopsys @embedded_mag
Patrick Hopper RT @EmbeddedDIRT: 4DSP introduces Xilinx Virtex 6 FPGA based XMC and PMC boards for rapid prototyping or video apps http://bit.ly/4Purpv
DSP-FPGA.com CEVA and Gennum's Snowbush IP Group Partner to Deliver Complete SAS 2.0 IP Solution for Embedded Storage Applicatio... http://bit.ly/5tmS1U
Patrick Hopper Sigasi Announces Production Release and Pricing for its IDE for VHDL http://bit.ly/6PChn0 #eda #46dac #vhdl
Patrick Hopper Embedded community! Who's missing from the top Embedded vendors to follow on twitter http://bit.ly/8HN1ly
DSP-FPGA.com GE and FANUC Complete Joint Venture Dissolution: CHARLOTTESVILLE, VA December 11, 2009 GE (NYSE: GE) and FANUC LTD ... http://bit.ly/8Wyop2
Patrick Hopper @wdfarmer Excellent choice. I have just added, thanks!
DSP-FPGA.com Keep ahead with DATE 2010 Exhibition: March 08-12, 2010Dresden Congress Centre, Germany London, December 10, 2009 D... http://bit.ly/60FNbe
Patrick Hopper VITA Members Form VPX Marketing Alliance http://bit.ly/5UT2hT @hybricon @mrcy @elma_electronic @kontron
Patrick Hopper Starting now- live chat with @chipdowning from @WR_VXWorks talking about Reliable Communication in Hostile Environments http://bit.ly/620U97
Patrick Hopper Intel Arch in Low Power Medical Devices Live Webcast starting now bit.ly/5wxN3w with @kontron @intelembedded @advantechinfo Check it out!
DSP-FPGA.com ClioSoft's Holiday Gift to Designers: Donate to Charity and Get Free Hardware Configuration Management Solution: FR... http://bit.ly/52KjIG
Patrick Hopper Microcontrollers (MCUs) covered in Embedded Feb 2010 Quick Guide. Make sure your products are listed http://bit.ly/6w4j7X
DSP-FPGA.com The Mentor Graphics Displaced Worker Program: As part of the Mentor Graphics Displaced Worker program, complimentar... http://bit.ly/4nRiOG
Patrick Hopper Live Chat: Low-Power Medical Devices and Intel Architecture 1pm EST today. http://bit.ly/5wxN3w @intelembedded. This is going to be good!
Patrick Hopper RT @NIglobal: National Instruments LabWindowsâ„¢/CVI Increases #Developer Productivity with FPGA http://bit.ly/5SusvT (via @HilM)
Vikash Rungta RT @TechCrunch: Google Steps Up Collaboration For Apps Users With Google Groups Integration http://bit.ly/5PHmZN
Patrick Hopper Live Chat today 2pm EST: Focus on Software Quality: Traceability, Collaboration Reduces Costs with @ibmrational http://bit.ly/6y9ZEj. #ibm
Patrick Hopper RT @danielNenni @johnbruggeman Google vs Synopsys (EDA) http://wp.me/psH60-XF The End of the World as We Know it! #EDA #SEMICON #SEMIP #SNPS
Patrick Hopper Hoot Hoot! Embedded Computing Feb 2010 featuring 2D Bar Coding, Multicore, EDA, Programming Tools. Check out opps @ http://bit.ly/6w4j7X
Patrick Hopper RT @ibmrational: Live Webinar today: Focus on Software Quality: Traceability, Collaboration Reduces Costs http://bit.ly/6y9ZEj #software
Patrick Hopper @digikey Removeable end panel

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