FPOA - Field Programmable Object Array

Field programmable object array was introduced by Mathstar. FPOA is a field programmable device in the form of a two-dimensional array of Silicon Objects (SOs). Silicon Objects are 16 bit configurable machines, such as an Arithmetic Logic Units (ALU), Multiply-Accumulators (MAC), or Register Files (RF). Both the Silicon Object behavior and the interconnection among Silicon Objects are field-programmable.
An FPOA can be configured depending on the size of the array, the mixture of Silicon Objects, the arrangement of the Silicon Objects, the amount of memory, and the types of I/O devices. Programming is done in SystemC with the help of design capture tool. FPOA have homogenous synchronous interconnection in the form of a "donut" which enables the deterministic timing. The FPOA device offers the user ASIC level performance with FPGA time to market and lower than FPGA cost.

FPOA structure
Image courtesy: Mathstar

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