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I a female soccer fan. Many doubt my passion and knowledge of this field, both girls and boys alike. Some would try to challenge me with some questions which they assume girl like me won be able to answer. Too bad for them because I knew the answer and I knew more. However, I not only interested in the technical aspect of soccer. Why is there so much pink on a site about soccer? Why are there images of make-up and chocolate? Why is there picture of soccer players without their tops on? Why are there one shoulder cocktail dress under 100 close ups of soccer player thighs? Why are there comparisons? Why are there images and stories of WAGs (Wives and Girlfriends)? Well to me, I thought it refreshing and entertaining to view soccer from a different lens. Since soccer is becoming more and more like a form of entertainment with all the tie ups with big brands and commercial rights whatsoever, I think it doesn hurt that Kickettes come out to provide the world of their view (the typical dumb blonde or men-crazy view) on the game.

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