10 Top To-Dos After You’re Laid Off

“I just called you in here to let you know that -- you’re ‘getting it.’” That’s how a trusted co-worker once kindly gave me the heads-up that I was on the layoff list. However eloquently or not your pink slip was delivered, don’t panic. Get your coffee and read this:

Why Is Volunteering Important? Advice for Job Hunters

The search for work continues. Besides rubbing more polish on your resume, what can a work-hungry American do to get a job? If you know which career interests you, you could consider volunteering in your chosen field. From networking and skill building to resume improvement, the benefits of volunteering seem endless.

How to Handle Salary Requirements When Applying for a Job

Job interviewing is like art: it requires skill, dexterity, and the right tools and environment. Make one wrong move and the result can be disastrous. This is especially true when it comes to discussing salary requirements. As a job-seeker, approaching a conversation with a prospective employer about salary requirements can be tricky.

How to Clinch a Killer Resume Cover Letter

Experts say keep resume cover letters short, sweet and memorable.

Do you enjoy writing resume cover letters about as much as you relish root canals? Dread isn't uncommon when it comes to resume cover letters.

Job Hunt To-Do-List: Checklist for an Economic Downturn

Exciting job opportunities can arise when you least expect them, even during an economic downturn. But in a competitive job market waiting too long to respond could cost you the job of your dreams.

Preparing to Be Fired or Laid Of


Hourly Wage vs. Salary, Exempt vs. Non-Exempt

Most people in the US work force have the heard the terms “exempt” and “non-exempt,” but what do they mean? While many web sites talk about pay rate, there is not a whole lot of explanation regarding exempt and non-exempt status.

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