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  2. Guidelines for asking "good" questions
  3. Problem - Lead Network
  4. Is TMS320F2812 design such that it continuously generates PDPINTB when C5TRIP is low?
  5. frequency response of iir filter-filtfilt implementation
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  7. Simulink IIR Bandpass filter on FPGA
  8. A new approach to FPGA and PCB System Development Platform, SantaClara, CA, USA (By Altium)
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  12. Pitch - general questions about accuracy of detection for voice
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  15. Searching for book
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  17. optical FIR product
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  19. Call for Papers Reminder: IAENG International Conference on InternetComputing and Web Services (ICICWS 2010)
  20. Regd SFN
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  22. information about assembly optimized
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  24. ADSP2101 low level Audio Signals
  25. Need advice on a speech recognition project
  26. Book on software radio
  27. expectation value from auto-regressive filtering
  28. Solution of deifference equation
  29. safe FFT resolution reduction and transfer functions
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  34. cross-correlation, chirp finding
  35. Career change: No longer in DSP
  36. RLC circuit tutorial
  37. Do any purely-optical ADCs exist yet?
  38. beauty/truth, etc
  39. Polar Diagram
  40. Software Radio
  41. ECCOMAS CFD 2010 Mini-Symposium on Image Processing and Visualization
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  44. Tutorial on UTM coordinates?
  45. Assembly optimized error
  46. adaptive quantization and transmission errors
  47. Mysterious gain when designing a butterworth filter in MATLAB
  48. DM642 EVM Emulator.....Urgent Help pls!!!
  49. Re: encoding ldpc
  50. Multirate filter
  51. Guard Interval removal methods
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  53. MPEG Audio layer 2 for SHARC processors
  54. ITU J.83 Annex A Modulator Question
  55. encoding ldpc
  56. Repetition in Rate Matching
  57. Review of a book
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  59. [Announcement] IEEE Students' Technology Symposium 2010 - Call forPapers
  60. Is complex-conjugation an LTI operation?
  61. Helping disigning a bandpass filter in matlab
  62. Kenlighten - A social network for knowledge seekers and providers
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  64. Books < $50
  65. [OT?] Simple AND/OR Simplistic single user ~CVS
  66. imresize in 3D
  67. Issue with CDMA
  68. WCCM / APCOM2010 Mini-Symposium on Computational Methods in ImageProcessing and Analysis
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  71. Which does reference signal refer to in LMS theory?
  72. Call for Papers: IAENG International Conference on ImagingEngineering (ICIE 2010)
  73. Modulation with a baseband signal in Matlab
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  75. What is awesome in German?
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  79. OT: Help with translation?
  80. WOR Mode for the TI CC1110
  81. OT Scientific Fraud of the new century
  82. COMP.DSP shifted to April 8,9 2010
  83. Window and/or Filter - possibly naive question
  84. exponential algorithm
  85. Channel simulation in matlab
  86. Finding max and min amplitude of composite signal
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  90. Frequency Hopping Channel Selection
  91. Mode S preamble detection
  92. Shannon limit
  93. Call for Papers: IAENG International Conference on CommunicationSystems and Applications (ICCSA 2010)
  94. help! Using discrete convolution to approximate continuousconvolution...?
  95. Create FM stereo from Matlab.
  96. Information Theory - Entropy: h(A U B)
  97. Windowing effect on spectral leakage and phase after FFT
  98. ADC SNR Vs Sample rate
  99. TMS320LF2407
  100. Generate Stereo using Matlab.
  101. Power difference in the power spectrum density after DFT/FFT
  102. mm½×¾Â
  103. Interpolation
  104. Using correctly the quarter sine-wave symmetry in a basic DDS
  105. Discretization of nonlinear differential equation
  106. design a bandpass FIR filter help
  107. LTE Cell Search Algorithms
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  109. Dynamic Life Style
  110. Call for Papers: IAENG International Conference on Computer Science(ICCS 2010)
  111. Help calculating flanger speed and excursion
  112. existance of solution of a (mathematical) problem
  113. What would be the fastest dial-up access speed if phone systems had 144 dB of dynamic range?
  114. Receiver sensitivity calculation - WiMax
  115. New Tech Competition
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  117. WiMAX and LTE - the New Cellular Modulations
  118. simulation WiMAX
  119. I’M not a seller I just Pormote to Google Adds
  120. WHO is WHO in COMP.DSP
  121. VDSP and version control
  122. Schmitt trigger in software
  123. Wav File
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  166. Efficient algorithm to compute a DFT for an arbitrary set offrequencies
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  174. Help with a DSP project
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  176. Dsp kit (dsk5416) is compatible with Rf transmitter?
  177. CDMA2000 Network : Maximum Data Users
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  201. Ellipsoid estimation - algorithms?
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  213. • International Conference on Image and Video Processing and Computer Vision
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