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  1. Downsample smoother?
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  12. Data Smoothing Filter
  13. Evaluation Board
  14. How to calculate logarithm of a signal in FPGA?
  15. Kaiser window vs Kaiser-Bessel window
  16. Control System: Routh-Hurwitz Stability Criterion with GUI MATLABV2.9
  17. Call for Papers: The 2010 International Conference of ComputationalStatistics and Data Engineering (ICCSDE 2010)
  18. ADSP2181 EZ-ICE interface protocol
  19. IF sampling ADC
  20. Wanted - Analog Devices ADSP 2181 EZ-Kit Lite
  21. CFP: The 2010 International Conference on Image Processing, ComputerVision, and Pattern Recognition (IPCV'10), USA, July 2010
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  23. FREE Animations you can e-mail
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  25. What do you mean by Estimate of a Secondary path?
  26. FFT algorithm for a logarithmically-sampled time series
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  30. Software Communications Architecture (SCA)
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  32. THD+N, Dynamic Range, Noise floor
  33. How to express FIR filter output in terms of signal power
  34. MP3 -> .wav decoder?
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  36. Developing filter kernels from signals
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  41. Frame synchronization
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  43. Optimal digital FSK demodulator
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  45. Optimal digital FSK demodulator
  46. Optimal digital FSK demodulator
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  48. How to implement the filter give in Z transform using matlab
  49. Need help in analysing equations-Active Power FIlter
  50. why first order filter have slope 6db/octave
  51. Window Presum FFT
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  56. Skip diving/dumpster diving
  57. Can Someone please help me with my Computer stuff? 67252
  58. Detecting if a notch filter is 'notching' something!
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  62. MIMO alamouti Question
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  68. SPDIF EQ
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  72. DSP problem
  73. SNR calculation using FFT
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  75. Please help a newbie: Matlab freqz.m -- Plotting a functions frequency response
  76. zero lag Butterworth filter
  77. CompIMAGE 2010: Call for Short Communications
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  81. Issues testing DFT symmetries
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  83. Doppler spread question
  84. Numerical inversion of Z-transform?
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  91. Calculating MFCC
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  93. Power System Analysis,John J. Grainger William D. Stevenson
  94. Structural and Stress Analysis (2nd Ed., Megson)
  95. Heating, Ventilating and Air Conditioning Analysis and Design, 6th Edition McQuiston
  96. Thermal Physics, 2nd Edition, by Charles Kittel
  97. SEMICONDUCTOR DEVICES Physics and Technology 2nd Ed by SZE
  98. Fundamentals of Physics, 8th Edition Halliday, Resnick, Walker
  99. Introduction to Thermal and Fluids Engineering by Kaminski, Jensen
  100. Prelim DSP design estimate
  101. How to compute RMS in frequency domain
  102. omap3530 CCS board setup error
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  105. Low samples per bit receiver
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  116. Kalman Filter applied to Rangefinding Data
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  123. How i can estimate Eb/No using a FFT
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  126. Control System: Routh-Hurwitz Stability Criterion with GUI MATLABV2.5
  127. 224477 Up to date Net and Tech news, knowledge, empowerment 10
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  131. CFP: The 2010 International Conference on Bioinformatics andComputational Biology (BIOCOMP'10), USA, July 2010
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  134. implementing an fpga based on hilbert transform
  135. Asymmetric FIR Filtering
  136. midi lyrics
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  138. CFP: The 2010 International Conference on Artificial Intelligence(ICAI'10), USA, July 2010
  139. QPSK Communication
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  141. 1/3T allpass design
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  149. Real Time Interpolation/Resampling
  150. phase of FFT
  151. IVPCV-10 Call for papers
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  153. relationship between losslessness of an allpass and the l1 norm of the impulse response of the allpass
  154. Radix-4 Radix-2 ordering
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  156. Narrowband Rician fading
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  167. benchmarking advanced interface using fftw bench
  168. Solving DSP problem
  169. Solving DSP problem
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  171. signal in time-frequency domain
  172. Wiener-Kitchen Theorem
  173. Rake receiver's tap delay in CDMA
  174. Rake receiver's tap delay in CDMA
  175. Solar cells for less than 1 USD per Watt
  176. phase of sinc function outside the main loop
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  178. filtering random processes
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  182. Get A Bigger Peni5 Using VIMAX Peni5 Enlargement Pills
  183. Innovative DSP based Product that you wish to design : What would it be?
  184. branch cuts in the way
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  190. Allpass phase-matching
  191. Call for Papers & Sessions: The 2010 International Conference onGenetic and Evolutionary Methods (GEM'10), USA, July 2010
  192. [JOB] C++ Engineer, New York City | 80-110k
  193. Quantitative difference in spectral power
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  195. Newbie: Need coefficients for a linear-phase FIR filter
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  197. Number of Welch segments and relative power.
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  200. physical layer A/D performance simulation
  201. Jitter using Sleep()
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  203. What do you mean by dft modulated filter banks.
  204. Kenlighten - A social network for knowledge seekers and providers
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  208. Meaning of DFT
  209. Performs IIR filtering using BF537 EZ-KIT
  210. How to effectively compute FFT from f_min to f_max, where f_min in not zero?
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  213. Comparing matrix size independent orthogonality
  214. Shannon and negative frequencies
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  216. Control Sytem: Routh-Hurwitz Stability Criterion with GUI MATLAB
  217. Auto-correlation of a circularly shifted sequence in frequency domain
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  222. TMS320LF2407a eZDSP-CCS4.12 Linking problem
  223. Stability from laplace transform analysis
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  226. How to generate 15 consecutive "0" in short pn seqence
  227. Call for Papers & Sessions: The 2010 International Conference onInformation and Knowledge Engineering (IKE'10), USA, July 2010
  228. Are DSP Processors losing out to ARM's?
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  231. Map controller output to PWM duty-cycle
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  233. Generic name for time and frequency in filtering?
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  245. MATLABs FFT and fftshifting the input
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  249. Call for Papers & Sessions: The 2010 International Conference onData Mining (DMIN'10), USA, July 2010
  250. EVA, EPA and ETU channel fading models