FPGA Camp - A mini conference on FPGAs

The idea behind FPGA Camp is to bring engineers together and discuss FPGA, mainly NextGen FPGA technology, application, methodology, best practices and challenges. Also provide a location to meet other local FPGA designers to share their stories.

We are hoping that this would act as a platform to bring all the FPGA users together more often. 


Previous Speakers & Exhibitors


Past Speakers & Exhibitors at FPGA Camp



Past FPGA Camps


Location Event
Silicon Valley, CA 4th FPGA Camp - 6th April 2011
Bangalore, India FPGA Camp - 21st may 2010
Silicon Valley, CA Debugging your FPGA - 11th Nove 2009
Silicon Valley, CA High speed seriel interface: Protocols, IPs & Dievices - 26th Aug 2009















Videos from previous camp


Pictures from previous camp




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