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The Big Design Squeeze: How to get faster design turns in FPGA-based designs

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Whether you are using FPGAs to verify your ASIC or as a final implementation platform, this webinar will illustrate techniques to help you speed up your synthesis iterations by a factor of 2 vs. traditional approaches, and achieve up to 2 times the turnaround time from RTL to board with better results stability from one run to the next. Techniques for more efficient debug and optional team design techniques are also covered.

In this webinar, The Big Design Squeeze: How to get faster design turns in FPGA-based designs, viewers will learn:

* How to achieve the fastest time-to-results for today's complex FPGAs
* FPGA based methodologies for more efficient design analysis and debug
* Optional team design approaches to allow team members to work in parallel in the absence of the competed design.

Angela Sutton, Staff Product Marketing Manager, Synopsys
Angela Sutton brings over 20 years of experience in the field of semiconductor and semiconductor design tools to her role as Staff product marketing manager for Synopsys, Inc. In this role, she is responsible for the FPGA Implementation Product Line. Ms. Sutton holds a BSc. in Applied Physics from Durham University UK, and a PhD. in Engineering from Aberdeen University UK.

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