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ANSI C FPGA design using Impulse Tools

Impulse CoDeveloper  is a C-language development tool for FPGA-accelerated computing. On this webinar learn how you can use familiar C-language programming methods to create applications targeting the latest FPGA-based computing platforms. Impulse CoDeveloper tools include a software-to-hardware compiler, interactive parallel optimizer, and Platform Support Packages allowing you to quickly develop high-performance applications for a wide range of FPGA-based boards and systems.  

Presenter information:
David Pellerin
Impulse Accelerated Technologies

David Pellerin, Co-Founder and CEO, is a key architect of advances in language-based design for PLDs and FPGAs, and has published five books on the subject of programmable logic and related technologies. Mr. Pellerin earlier founded Accolade Design Automation, where he was the architect of the PeakVHDLâ„¢ and PeakFPGAâ„¢ advanced products for HDL-based design. Mr. Pellerin also served as Director of Marketing for Altium's FPGA Design Products, and directed tools development and marketing for Quicksilver Technology.

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C to FPGA, Impulse, CoDeveloper, FPGA SOC design, Front Side Bus, Hypertransport

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