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Video Demo: Using SATA for SOC Solutions on 40-nm Transceiver FPGAs

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With applications needing to store more data for longer periods of time, SATA provides an efficient, cost-effective storage interface. Watch this new 7-minute video for a demo showing how easy it is to take advantage of the data storage capabilities of SATA using 40-nm transceiver FPGAs.

* Learn how easy and fast it is to verify board and design functionality with a SATA connection.
* Find out about additional functions you can incorporate into your design with a SATA interface.
* See the Stratix® IV GX FPGA Development Kit and the Arria® II GX FPGA Development Kit in action.

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SATA, Altera, 40-nm transceiver FPGAs, Stratix® IV GX FPGA, Arria® II GX FPGA

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