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Implementing Flexible Industrial Ethernet Solutions

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Implementing Ethernet-based industrial networks is becoming more
popular, due to their low costs, long cabling lengths, and ability to
integrate seamlessly with corporate networks. However, not all
Ethernet-based industrial network protocols are equal, and the
technology is evolving rapidly. Equipment manufacturers must support
many different protocols and track new protocol developments.

Traditionally, manufacturers would design a modular system with
plug-in units that support each different protocol. A more flexible and
elegant solution is to use and reprogram a low-cost FPGA instead of
plugging in different pieces of hardware.

With an FPGA, manufacturers can support any 802.3-based industrial
Ethernet protocol (past or future) from a single board design,
which simplifies the board's development, support, and maintenance. By
taking advantage of low-cost FPGAs' advanced capabilities, a wide range
of IP, and powerful development tools, you can reduce the cost,
increase the flexibility, and minimize the time-to-market of your
industrial Ethernet products.

View webcast to learn how to:

  • Use low-cost FPGAs with IP-based systems to implement industrial Ethernet interfaces
  • Quickly modify an existing design to support a different protocol without changing the board
  • Find out more about Altera's solutions for industrial Ethernet
  • Start your industrial Ethernet design on a development board

Who Should View

  • Industrial system designers
  • Industrial equipment developers
  • FPGA developers
  • Industrial engineering & technical managers


Stefano Zammattio
Stefano Zammattio
Senior Product Marketing Engineer, Altera Europe

Stefano Zammattio joined Altera in 2004 and is a member of the European
Technical Product Marketing group. Mr. Zammattio is responsible for
Altera’s embedded products in the European region, specializing in the
Nios II processor and SOPC Builder.  Mr. Zammattio has been involved in
the computing and electronics industry since 1987 and holds a BSc in
Physics and a MSc in Medical Electronics.

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