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40-nm FPGA and 8.5 Gbps Transceiver

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In this 4-minute video, check out Altera's new 40-nm FPGA demos showcasing 1.5-Gbps LVDS performance and an 8.5-Gbps transceiver operating with excellent signal integrity. You’ll watch eye diagrams demonstrating very low jitter, and learn how pre-emphasis and equalization improve signal integrity and allow for very long traces.

With new Stratix® IV FPGAs, you can:

* Benefit from early access to TSMC’s industry-leading 40?nm process technology
* Design with the highest density, highest performance, and lowest power FPGAs
* Get unprecedented system bandwidth with superior signal integrity at 8.5 Gbps

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Stratix-IV, Serdes, Multi Gigabit

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