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Tamba Networks, Inc.

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129 Ravenswood Ct.
Petaluma, CA 94952
United States
+1(707) 799-3817
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Tamba Networks was founded in 2003. The founders and employees have previously worked at Cisco, Juniper, Xilinx and Altera. Tamba Networks is focused on building size and latency efficient IP for standard communications protocols. The main focus is Ethernet and Interlaken Protocols which were originally developed for the financial industry where low latency is crucial. A by product of the low latency are extremely low gate count cores.

Tamba Networks is releasing a 10GE MAC core including PCS that has extremely low utilization and latency in Altera or Xilinx. Typically 2x to 6x less gates than competitive offerings. (eg. 1.8k LUTS in Xilinx V6), and typically 4x to 6x lower latency (eg. 15nS in Xilinx V6). In addition we have 40G/100G/400G Mac cores, and Interlaken cores in Beta which will be released soon with very similar characteristics. The low latency is ideal for financial applications, and the low gate count and large timing margins make FPGA designs much easier to implement at the lowest silicon cost (least gates & slowest speed grade).


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