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Productivity Design Tools, Inc. (PDTi)

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EDA Tools


Corporate Headquarter
2255 West 5th Ave. Suite 308
Vancouver V6K 4K1
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For FPGA and SoC development teams, PDTi products dramatically simplify the process of converting high-level specifications into implementation deliverables. PDTi's SpectaReg makes memory-mapped registers easy for development teams targeting standard interconnect protocols. SpectaReg can generate your code and associated documentation in a variety of industry standard formats, including (SGML, DITA, DocBook, XML, IEEEP1685 / SPIRIT IP-XACT, VHDL, Verilog, SystemVerilog, C, C++, and SystemC).

PDTi's SpectaReg dramatically simplifies the creation of ESL, RTL, SW, testing and documentation deliverables for connecting application-specific IP to PowerPC® and MicroBlaze™.


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