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Pico Computing

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Developent Board & Kits


150 Nickerson St suite 311
Seattle, WA 98109
United States
+1(206) 283-2178
(866) 569-PICO (7426)
+1(206) 283-0436
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Design, Develop, Deploy, all on one platform - an intriguing concept. Pico Computing has taken FPGA computing to a whole new level by making this concept a reality. With Pico’s line of small form factor FPGA platforms (CompactFlash & CardBus), you now have the capability to design and develop applications in a laptop/desktop, then deploy it as a stand alone embedded device or as a hardware accelerator to achieve high performance computing - all on the same platform! Harnessing the parallel computing power of the FPGA has never been easier.


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