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Orsys started as an engineering office for Digital Signal Processing systems and has become a system house offering a broad field of technologies with various complete system solutions, system services and products during the last years.

Our number one priority is to provide customer-specific systems. The centre point here lies in real-time critical Digital Signal Processing and fast data transfer with low latencies and high bandwidths.

Among our world-wide customers are many enterprises from the fields of industrial systems, space flight engineering, automotive and electromedicine. The system solutions from Orsys mainly fulfil customer requests which cannot be satisfactorily solved by the present off-the-shelf systems on the market. This is why we see three major aspects when we are working on this target.

With this, the customer obtains his individual problem solution which exactly meets his requirements. Our success and consequently the success of our customers is based on providing and combining off-the-shelf products and customized systems which enables our customers to obtain their solution within shortest time and thus to reduce time-to-market dramatically.

We specialize in DSP and IEEE 1394 chipsets from Texas Instruments, so we can focus on providing the best solution to a problem. As a valid Third Party of Texas Instruments we are able to forward the latest technology and the best knowledge to our customers.

Today, Orsys is a privately held company and has ten employees with a majority of university-degree engineers. Our staff is nearly all from a technical background, giving us a unique depth of knowledge and experience in our industry. Where many of our competitors are run by accountants and shareholders, Orsys is a company that is run by engineers and the motivation to provide our customers the best technical solution. That gives us the flexibility and the advantage to work on technologies our customers are interested in.


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