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Oki Information Systems Co., Ltd.

Type Of Vendor: 
Design House


Corporate Headquarter
Gunma prefecture Futaba Cho 3rd 1
+81(027) 325-1525
+81(027) 324-9656
About This Vendor: 

Development, design, and manufacture of hardware and built-in software for information Processing equipment and system Research, development, and design of software related to OA-CIM, development, design, sales, and consulting of basic software and application Packages for PCs and work-stations. We are focusing FPGA and DSP design solution and design service using IP cores. We provide IP based FPGA design platform and also customize design service. Provide Asic to FPGA prototyping solution and design verification service. We have enough experience of Image Processing, High-speed Networking, PCI, Mechanism control.

Picture transmission and Image Processing, High-speed communication, PCI, Mechanism control


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