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Lightspeed Logic, Inc.

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Silicon Devices


3255 Scott Blvd. Ste 2-102
Santa Clara, CA 95054
United States
+1 408-616-3200
+1 408-616-3201
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Lightspeed Logic is a pioneer of mask reconfigurable intellectual property to the semiconductor market. Founded in 1996, Lightspeed Logic has developed and brought to market five mask-reconfigurable architectures, the most recent are standard tile based logic array and mutable tile based logic array.

Lightspeed Logic's Reconfigurable Logic, a mask-reconfigurable digital logic foundation IP, enables flexibility, rapid time-to-market, and reduced development expense compared to standard-cell implementation. Lightspeed Logic's Reconfigurable Logic also provides reduced variability, increased yield, and increased manufacturability at deep submicron process nodes, resulting in lower cost per good die than traditional methods. Current customer implementations include high volume ASSPs and CSSPs, Structured SOCs, and Structured ASICs at process nodes ranging from 150nm to 65nm, with 45nm development underway.


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