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HyWire was founded in August 1999 to solve the increasing demand for Internet bandwidth. The push for superior performance and intelligent network services, such as quality of service and security, place a heavy burden on today’s network switchers and routers. As demands on the network increase, so does the potential for “bandwidth bottleneck.”

Search rates extend up to 400 million lookups per second with a deterministic lookup time that is limited only by today’s state-of-the-art memories and semiconductor process technologies. (HyWire’s search engines can handle much more. Its technology facilitates databases with storage capacity up to 100 million IPv4 entries and search rates up to 1000 million searches per second).

As an added advantage, HyWire’s search algorithms can be implemented in ASICs or FPGAs in tandem with high-density DRAMs. Furthermore, HyWire is the first company to introduce databases as soft macros suitable for a system-on-chip (SoC) design or loadable into an FPGA.

A low-end to mid-range networking equipment supplier can license the search-engine soft macro from HyWire and integrate it with intellectual property from other sources for a system-on-chip solution. This is an inexpensive way to provide a competitive high-volume, low-cost system.

HyWire also addresses the low-volume market by offering reprogrammable FPGA-based database solutions. Since the same general-purpose FPGA is suitable for many applications, a great deal of flexibility can be achieved by simply loading the appropriate soft macro into the FPGA. By reusing the same hardware, an otherwise expensive, low-volume product can be developed inexpensively. This means that equipment manufacturers can provide a range of low-cost products to customers with low-volume applications.

Today, HyWire’s technology is manifested in its HyCognito™ family of products consisting of search-engines, software, and development and evaluation boards. The HySEM™ search-engine manager is offered as the lowest cost building block for implementing forwarding and classification information base functions in routing and switching.

In the future, HyWire algorithms are planned for numerous multi-dimensional classification search tasks applicable to bio-informatics, medicine, material engineering, computational chemistry, pattern recognition, data mining, intrusion detection and many others applications.


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