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Developent Board & Kits
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1-2-10-2F Nakahozumi
Ibaraki, 27 5670034
072-620-2002 (Japanese )
072-620-2003 (Japanese / English )
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Our company is thing making enterprise of super small-lot production. At the small lot developing and producing the appraisal board of FPGA/CPLD, the board and the USB-related commodity etc for study.
Our company product is open, all schematics and the manual etc. They are same ones as those which belong to the product. If (that is everything,) there is desire, also the pattern figure and the like releases.?\If there is data which becomes insufficient, we request the method of demanding. It is possible the custom-made item to make from 1.

We are very glad to introduce our products to the world and hope we can build good business relationship with you.
We have supplied many FPGA boards in Japan until now.
Now, We have started to sell our products to foreign countries since July 17, 2009.
Our product is designed for professional and, of course, consumer use.
We can supply superior products with short lead-time.
We produce various kinds of products in small lots.
Our product is high quality and open design.
We disclose as much information as possible. (Circuit Schematic, Net List, Pin List, etc...)



HuMANDATA (not verified)
July 24, 2009 - 5:58pm

English site opens

This page is very old.
We opened an English site the other day.

Please look.


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