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GateRocket, Inc

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EDA Tools
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19 Crosby Drive Suite 100
Bedford, MA 07130
United States
+1 (781)908-0082
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GateRocket is the only company that focuses exclusively on verification and debugging solutions for today's most advanced FPGAs. GateRocket offers the industry's first Device Native verification solution that enable companies to verify and debug their FPGA designs faster and with higher quality. GateRocket is backed by a group of leading investors and is headquartered in Bedford, Massachusetts.

Over the past decade FPGA device capability has advanced in many dimensions- most notably in complexity, performance, power and cost. Once relegated to "glue logic" and prototyping applications, FPGAs now are veritable systems on a chip (SoCs) and serve at the core of a wide variety of systems from flat panel TVs to spacecraft control. FPGA design starts now outnumber ASIC starts by 30 to 1, and the need for a new verification approach has never been greater. GateRocket is focused on addressing the verification needs for this high growth market.

When GateRocket's founder and CTO Chris Schalick made the transition from ASIC to FPGA design, he realized that the FPGA design process is significantly different from that of ASICs, and that there are significant gaps in the tools and processes needed to verify and test these sophisticated devices. Armed with a burning desire to solve this problem, he started GateRocket. Schalick, a designer with hands-on experience in both worlds, discovered several unique and powerful approaches to solving the FPGA verification problem and decided to bring his ideas to market.


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