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DMAP was founded in 2009 and is focused on high reliability semiconductor application domains. We are able to combine IP and SoC development for ASIC and FPGA target with high reliability methods provided by the DO-254 guidance. We offer to IP vendors the opportunity to address new markets and to high reliable sub-contractor community to buy DO-254 ready IP to speed up their development.

* a DO-254 fluent company: From our point of view, those markets are only addressable for a company that is friendly with DO-254 processes, a "fluent DO-254" company, with a dedicated collaborative model with IP providers and applicants.
* a company with a B-to-B model focused on the collaboration between and IP and SoPC provider. We are a company able to manage both aspects of this type of design or upgrade from a well known IP to a DO-254 ready item.
* your simple way to success. This simple approach where the IP is now designed as a DO-254 block, with full assurance design records and all activities requested by guidance. We are, right now, the easiest way to success and a long term solution.

DMAP is a start up company focused on high reliability semiconductor application domains. DO-254 compliant IP provider.

It is generally accepted that reusing semiconductor IP blocks in a core-based design strategy is the most suitable response to the stringent constraints involved in SoC and block design.

Given the increasing pressure from reduced time-to-market, high complexity, difficulty in carrying out exhaustive controls of non-functioning cases, final cost reduction, etc., it is hardly surprising that design-for-reuse has become a source of revenue for hundreds of IP vendors worldwide, and one of the key productivity boosters in the semiconductor industry.

But for specific markets such aerospace where high reliability is mandatory major IP vendors often do not spend time to reach DO-254 compliance.

That's why DMAP close the gap between IP vendors which want to address new markets and companies from such domains which want to speed up their product development with the assurance of DO-254 conformity.

What are main obstacles to your IP or SoPC introduction to the aerospace market ?

* DO-254 certification objectives need the applicant to produce additional data regarding its IPs. It requests to perform dedicated activities for the final integration into the top level design.
* The relative niche aerospace market along with the notoriety of a time consuming and heavy weight of documentation flow of the DO-254 creates a real barrier for standard IP providers.
* The impossibility to define a unique and stable DO-254 flow does not help outside stakeholder to enter this market. It's mainly due to the intrinsic nature of DO-254 as a guidance and not a norm !
* The internal availability of a complete and robust DO-254 repository (templates, checklists, procedures, best practices, standards, tool guides,...) is a mandatory request.

We are, simply, your easiest way to success !


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