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EDA Tools


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1850 Embarcadero Rd Ste. B
Palo Alto, CA 94303
United States
+1(650) 461-7200
+1(650) 461-7209
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Acquired by Intergrated Device Technology Inc
"Denali is a privately held company in the semiconductor intellectual property (SIP) industry, with a particular focus on semiconductor memory. Incorporated in 1995, Denali is the world-leading
provider of technologies and software products used to develop the advanced memory systems that are essential for broadband communications, networking, and other segments in the electronics industry.
Denali is focused exclusively on providing the highest quality solutions for memory system design. Memory is integral to virtually every type of electronic system, from network switches and routers, to web servers and wireless personal data assistants(PDAs). Memory is emerging as the key economic and technological factor achieving the high data bandwidths required by these systems. Denali is focused exclusively on providing innovative solutions which optimize the design of advanced memory systems, from information to implementation."


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