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Deltatec S.A.

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Design House
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Rue Gilles Magnée 92/6
ANS 4430
+32-4-239 7880
+32-4-239 7889
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DELTATEC is a high-level hardware and software design house specialized in advanced electronic techniques. A multi-disciplinary team works closely together to develop state-of-the-art products that create competitive advantages for clients. From the early days of XILINX 2K, DELTATEC has always placed a strong technology focus on FPGAs and offers extensive experience in applications involving: image (real-time, compression/decompression, image recognition), datacom, PCI, DSP, and multimedia. Having successfully completed more than 300 designs, DELTATEC excels in rapid FPGA development cycles, full exploitation of component capabilities, and algorithm definition and implementation. Combined FPGA & system expertise means that DELTATEC can: take whole projects in hand, perform architecture trade-offs, correctly specify designs, and avoid common pitfalls for a "first time right" product development.

IP and services for digital imaging, DSP, multimedia, PCI and datacom.


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