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Bazix VOF is a Dutch partnership that specializes in the distribution and localization of software created for various computer platforms of the 80s and 90s. In addition, we are preoccupied with the legal distribution of the System ROMS and emulators that are needed to run this software on modern Operating Systems. Bazix VOF currently offers the following services:

* As the official representative of the Japanese company MSX Association, Bazix takes care of all requests related to the trademarks and copyrights of the legendary MSX computer system for the non-Japanese market.

* The distribution of retro gaming software on WOOMB.net, an online software distribution service launched in October 2006 which is the first and only retro gaming service to offer classic Japanese games translated to English.

* In cooperation with the Japanese company D4 Enterprise, Bazix arranges the localization of Japanese software to English software, which is to be distributed on WOOMB.net , and the localization of English software to Japanese software that will be distributed on Amusement Center.

* The sub-licensing of software that will be distributed on WOOMB.net and Amusement Center.


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