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Annapolis Micro Systems, Inc

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Developent Board & Kits


190 Admiral Cochrane Drive Suite 130
Annapolis, MD 21401
United States
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Reconfigurable Computing uses Field Programmable Gate Arrays (FPGAs) as Attached Processing Elements in a Computing System, in order to Dramatically Increase the Processing Speed.

Our Revolutionary CoreFireTM Development Suite opens the door to FPGA based computing. Our high speed processing boards provide solutions to computationally intensive problems.

Our Products include support for

* Bus Options - VME, PCI, CompactPCI, PMC and PCMCIA
* I/O options - Dual 1.5 / 2.3 GSps DAC, Dual 1.5 GHz A/D, 1/5 GHz A/D Pro, 1.5 GHz A/D, Quad 105 Mhz A/D, 10 Gigabit Ethernet, Infiniband, Quad Fibre Channel 2, WILDSTARTM Data Port (WSDPTM), FPDP, Fiber Optic GLINK, 80 MH A/D,Race and Race++ and others

We are committed to helping our customers achieve their goals, with

* New CoreFireTM Design Suite
* API and Drivers
* Libraries
* Training Classes
* Custom Application Development
* Hourly Support

Our international customer base includes

* Government Labs
* Prime Contractors
* Small Companies
* Universities

Annapolis Micro Systems, Inc. was founded in May, 1982 to provide electronic R&D and product design, custom hardware, software and systems design and manufacturing.

As an electronic design company, Annapolis Micro Systems, Inc. invented and developed a variety of electronic products for customers, such as IBM, Schlumberger, Alcatel Data Networks, Ericsson-GE, Computer Sciences Corporation, and the US. Government.

Annapolis Micro Systems, Inc. has earned a reputation for excellence in the areas of

* Custom XILINX FPGA Design
* System Design
* Application Development
* ASIC Design
* Complex Printed Circuit Board Design
* Surface Mount Assembly
* Customer Suppport

These key competencies have allowed Annapolis Micro Systems, Inc. to become the market leader in the emerging technology of Reconfigurable Computing.

In 1994 Annapolis Micro Systems, Inc. licensed the technology for SPLASH 2, a Reconfigurable Computing Engine, from the US National Security Agency, as part of NSA's Technology Transfer Program. With the release of WILDFIRETM, our Xilinx 4000 Series based VME product, which had 17 Processing Elements, we became leaders in the field of Adaptive Computing.


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