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Algo-Logic Systems

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Palo Alto, CA
530 Lytton Ave Second Floor
United States
(650) 395-7026
(650) 498-8296
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  • Algo-Logic brings wire-speed solutions to your critical networking functions
    • As networking speeds climb to 10, 40, and 100 Gb/s, line-rate processing of data inside packets becomes challenging.  
  • Let your network do more while it carries higher traffic loads and operates at faster speeds
    • Algo-Logic provides solutions on budgets and schedules that make you more competitive
      • Tailored algorithms for network security and measurement
      • Real-time logic for transaction, content, and packet processing
  • Leverage the low cost and flexibility of programmable logic while staying lean
    • Let Algo-Logic’s innovations in mapping algorithms to logic work for you,
      without major additions to your headcount.

About Us

Founded by a professor and PhD researchers from Stanford University and Washington University. The team has extensive experience building routers, data center switches, and network processing circuits in ASIC and FPGA logic.  Past work in reprogrammable networks is documented in over 100 articles in top journals and technical conference proceedings.

John W. Lockwood, Lead Consultant and CEO


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