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A - ProcSys - Processor Systems

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Type Of Vendor: 
Design House
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Developent Board & Kits
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Embedded System
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Manufacturing House
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PCB /Board
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24, Richmond Road
Bangalore, KA 560025
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ProcSys (established in 1973) provides complete product realization & complementary services around silicon design - for Verification, Proving and Productizing the Silicon.

Develops complete product or subsystem design technology, IP building blocks and services in the areas of FPGA, Board, & embedded / NMS / EMS software.

Portfolio includes end to end solutions in Hardware, Software, Mechanical Design, Product Styling, Developing User Kits / Manuals / Demos, Prototyping, Volume production, product reengineering and Product Sustenance.

FPGA Design | Embedded Hw /Sw | Board Design | Application Software & Volume Production - Complete End 2 End Design Partners


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