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3L Limited

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Silicon Devices


2F3 104 Spring Gardens
Edinburgh, Scotland EH8 8EY
United Kingdom
+44 131 620 2641
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3L's expertise is multiprocessing, where many processing elements work closely together on the same problem to produce results faster than a single one could achieve on its own. 3L offers tools that substantially reduce the time and effort required to develop multiprocessor applications.

We don't compete with mainstream vendors of tools for general-purpose computers. Instead, 3L targets special-purpose hardware that is optimised for multiprocessor Digital Signal Processing (DSP) applications in such fields as telecommunications, radar, sonar, imaging and many others.

Standard software development tools from the major DSP manufacturers are powerful and well-developed, but they usually address systems with only one processor. There have been many attempts to stretch single-processor tools like these to support multiprocessor systems, but the results have never been satisfactory.

3L products have been designed from the start to support multiprocessor applications. They build upon the best parts of the manufacturer's tools (the compilers, for example) and fit them into a coherent model of multiprocessing.

The result is a powerful yet simple software technology proven in applications worldwide for almost 20 years.

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