logiVIEW-SVK Four-Camera Surround View DA System Development Platform and Toolset

Multi-Camera development system with Xilinx Spartan-6 FPGA
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Xylon d.o.o.
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The Automotive Four-Camera Surround View Driver Assistance System development platform and toolset for automotive designers. The logiVIEW-SVK includes the reference FPGA design, system calibration and application software, and the hardware development platform suitable for test vehicle installations.

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Key Features

* Based on Xylon Spartan®-6 logiCRAFT-CC Evaluation Kit

* Xilinx Spartan-6 XC6SLX150T

* logCC-ESW5 Ethernet switch Daughter Card

* Largan fish-eye lenses

* 4x OmniVision(TM) OV10635 Megapixel Camera Sensors

* Calibration software for lens correction, camera perspective corrections and image stitching

* Surround View DA application software

* Reference FPGA design

* Documentation and Cabling

* 25 hours of tech support (e-mail)


Xylon logiVIEW-SVK Xylon logiVIEW-SVK Development Platform and Toolset enables automotive designers to quickly start their new Four-Camera Surround View Driver Assistance (DA) design. The Development Platform is based on the Xylon logiCRAFT-CC development board, LVDS daughter cards for camera connections, camera imagers, fish-eye lenses, and Xylon IP cores and software solutions. Xylon provides technical support to novice kit users as a part of the deliverables.

The key IP core for the Surround View DA Systems and similar products is the logiVIEW Perspective Transformation and Lens Correction Image Processor.

The Surround View DA enables the driver to see 360-degrees around the vehicle on the LCD instrument cluster or the Central information Display (CID). By way of the four megapixel camera imagers mounted on the vehicle, the surroundings can be seen from different perspectives that eliminate all blind spots and increase safety and comfort.

The logiVIEW-SVK now supports 3D visualizations of vehicle's surrounding!

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