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Virtex-II Pro XC2VP20 FF1152 DDR400/PC3200 Memory Board

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The ML361 Board provides a communications platform between a Virtex-II Pro FPGA and high-speed double-data-rate (DDR) memories with operating speeds up to 200 MHz. The ML361 has three major functions: 1) Tests and verifies the interoperability of Virtex-II Pro devices with high-speed DDR memories. 2) Serves as a development platform for building memory controllers. 3) Provides a means by which Xilinx can demonstrate high-speed DDR memory interoperability.
An ideal platform for evaluation of DDR SDRAM interface with Virtex-II Pro devices

Xilinx On Board Information

Memory Corner

ISE Design Tools

IP Center

Virtex-II Pro FPGAs

ML361 User Manual (PDF)

Device Family Support

Virtex-II Pro

Key Features

Device Supported: XC2VP20 FF1152

Clocks: 200 MHz and 166 MHz

Memory: (1)DDR SDRAM DIMM (MT4VDDT1664-AG-40BC3) - 128 MBytes / 64-/72-bit data interface, (5) DDR SDRAMs (four MT46V16M16TG-5B, one MT46V32M8TG-5B device) - 1.28 Gbits / 72-bit data interface, (1) DDR SDRAM (MT46V32M8TG-5B) - 256 Mbits / 8-bit data interface, PROM

Connectors and Interfaces: 2x SMA connectors for external clock to board, JTAG-P II, JTAG-PIV, serial port

Other: 2x MICTOR (38-pin), 2x GPIO headers, power supply connector (5V), push, program, and reset buttons, two separate controllers for each 72-bit memory interface

Targeted Application

Markets: Telecom / Datacom

Applications: Embedded System, Reconfigurable Computing, ASIC Prototyping, IP-Based Systems

This Product Includes:

Xilinx ML361 Evaluation Board

CD ROM with user manual, schematics, gerber files, reference

Design, etc.

5V Power Supply

User Guide (hard copy)

Xilinx offers a 90-day limited warranty on this product. See Limited Warranty for detail information.

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