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Connectivity Central

RocketIO Multi-Gigabit Transceiver

Signal Integrity Central

Virtex-II Pro FPGAs

Virtex-II Pro Product Tables

Conversion Module, SMA To SFP

Conversion Module, SMA to SATA

Conversion Module, SMA to HSSDC2

Conversion Module, SMA to RJ45

PHY Daughter Card

Expansion Module, SDRAM

RocketIO User Guide (PDF)

Virtex-II Pro ML320,321,323 User Guide (PDF)

Schematic (PDF)

Gerber Plots (PDF)

Fab Drawing (PDF)

Gerber Source File (ZIP)

PCB Source File (PDF)

Schematic Source File (ZIP)

Virtex-II Pro Brochure (PDF)

Device Family Support

Virtex-II Pro

Key Features

Xilinx Devices: XC2VP7 in -6FF672

Two differential oscillators (156.25 MHz),Four pairs of 50 Ohm SMA connectors for external clock,Two Single-Ended SMA Clocks,Two crystal oscillator sockets (FPGA clock)

4 SMA connectors for each RocketIO channel (total of 32)

JTAG configuration port for use with Parallel Cable III and IV,Serial port,System ACE with 16 MB of compact Flash memory

General purpose DIP switches, LEDs, and push buttons,Supports HSSDC2, SFP, RJ45, and SATA conversion modules,On-board power supplies for all necessary voltages capable of supplying 2A each

Targeted Application

Markets: Telecom/Datacom

Applications: Serial, Deserialization

This Product Includes:

Virtex-II Pro ML321 Characterization Board

4 SMA To SMA Cables

Serial Port Cable

5V Power Supply

FR4 Loopback Board

CD ROM (User Guide, Schematics, Reference Design Guide, etc.)

User Guide

16MB Compact Flash Card (containing the BERT reference design)

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