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Virtex-II Pro XC2VP30

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The ML310 offers designers a Virtex-II Pro XC2VP30-based embedded platform for accelerated system development. In addition to more than 30,000 logic cells, over 2,400 Kb of BRAM, and dual PPC405 processors available in the FPGA, the ML310 provides onboard Ethernet MAC/PHY, DDR memory, multiple PCI slots, and standard PC I/O ports within an ATX form factor board. An integrated System ACE CF controller is deployed to perform board bring-up and to load applications from the included 512MB CompactFlash card.
For US version: HW-V2P-ML310-USA
For UK version: HW-V2P-ML310-UK
For other European versions: HW-V2P-ML310-EC

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Ideal embedded system development platform for Virtex-II Pro

Xilinx On Board Information

ISE Design Tools

ChipScope Pro

IP Center

Virtex-II Pro Product Tables

Virtex-II Pro FPGAs

Virtex-II Datasheet

Embedded Development Kit

Xilinx 19-inch 1U Rack-Mount Chassis

ML310 Documentation and Tutorials

Application Notes

Device Family Support

Virtex-II Pro

Key Features

Device Supported: XC2VP30

ALi Super I/O Chipset,One GPIO Connector,One Front Panel Connector,One CD ROM Connector,One FPGA UART Connector,CPU Reset Button,One SystemACE Reset Button,One DIP Switch


10 / 100 Ethernet,Two IDE Connectors,Two USB Ports,System ACE For Configuration,FPGA JTAG/Trace,CPU JTAG port,PC4 JTAG port,Two Serial Ports,One Parallel Port,Mouse & Keyboard

LCD Character Display

Audio,Two 3.3 V and Two 5.0 V PCI Slots (total of 4),Two Personality Module Connectors,One SMA Connector for External Clock

10 / 100 MAC / PHY,PCI Bridge

Two On-board Differential Oscillators (156.25 MHz & 125 MHz),Two Clock Sockets

Targeted Application

Markets: Telecom / Datacom

Applications: Embedded Microprocessor, Embedded System

This Product Includes:

Xilinx Virtex-II Pro ML310 Platform (Note: Localized to US, UK, and EC)

512 MB CompactFlashâ„¢ Memory Card

RS-232 Mini-Cable

LCD Character Display & Cable


CD-ROM (ML310 documentation and tutorials)

Power Supply (localized to U.S, UK, and EC)

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Xilinx offers a 90-day limited warranty on this product. See Limited Warranty for detail information.

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