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XC4SX35-10FF668, 2xADC(14b,105MSPS), 2xDAC(14b,160MSPS

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Key Features

Xilinx Devices: XC4SX35-10FF668

2 independent ADC channels: AD6645 ADC (14-bits up to 105 MSPS)

2 independent DAC channels: AD9772 DAC (14-bits up to 160MSPS)

Support for external clock, on board oscillator and programmable clocks

Two banks of ZBT-SRAM (133MHz, 512Kx32 bits per bank)

Status LEDs

Host interfacing via 3.3V/5V PCI 32 bit/33-MHz or USB v1.1, or JTAG interfaces

Targeted Application

Software Defined Radio, 3G Wireless, Networking, HDTV and Video Imaging

This Product Includes:

External power supply (US Mains cable with separate UK, European or Australian mains adaptors)

USB v1.1 compatible cable, 2 meters long

5 MCX to BNC cables for connecting to the ADC / DAC and external clock connectors

PCI backplate and 2 screws

2x BNC jack to jack adaptors for use in loop back configurations

Nallatech FUSE (Field Upgradeable Systems Environment) Software CD

XtremeDSP Development Kit Pro CD that provides documentation, hardware support files and design examples

Optional Nallatech evaluation software

Carrying Case

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