CHIPit Silver Edition

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Development Boards & Kits
Presco, Inc.

2 of XC2V6000/8000

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The CHIPit Silver Edition is a rapid prototyping platform and IP verification platform for direct use in PCs and workstations. The ASIC prototyping system offers developers real-time operating speeds and debugging, along with full ASIC functionality at a prototyping stage. The platform distinguishes itself through use of a Virtex II FPGA from XILINX (XC2V4000-XC2V8000), as well as with excellent memory resources and possibilities for expansion For this purpose 248 I/O lines are available. The PCI board is shipped with software and programming routines for FPGA configuration and board control, PCI controller and device drivers for Windows, Linux and Solaris.

Easy workflow integration
The CHIPit Silver Edition is integrated in the central software package CHIPit Manager. This package enables project administration, design implementation (synthesis/place & route), debugging and co-emulation support for all commonly available synthesis tools to implement IP cores and designs on the platform - for example the XSTâ„¢ tool from XILINX or Synplify Proâ„¢ from Synplicity.

The CHIPit Silver Edition communicates with its host, as do all products of the CHIPit range, via the Pro Design proprietary UMRBus Communication System. Using this technology, multiple independent communication channels between the host and design can be set up, whilst the handling remains simple and intuitive. As programming interfaces are concerned, the user has the choice between C/C++ and Tcl/Tk.

Optimal design debugging possibilities
In order to ease debugging of the design, ProDesign provides the Visibility Tool (for In-Circuit mode), and the Signal Tracker (for Co-Simulation/Emulation mode) which allows the execution of internal design signals after synthesis/place & route. The CHIPit Silver Edition is particularly suited for co-emulation verification of IP cores, ASIC designs, or parts thereof - the optional HDL-Bridge package provides interfaces for the HDL simulators ModelSimâ„¢, NC-Simâ„¢ or VCSâ„¢.
The HDL Bridge also gives the possibility of simultaneously spreading multiple IPs across multiple CHIPit Silver Edition platforms.

Application areas of the CHIPit Silver Edition

• Algorithm Validation
• IP Validation
• ASIC Prototyping
• Behavior Prototyping
• Real-time Prototyping
• In-circuit Emulation
• Hardware-software Co-verification
• Firmware/Software Development

Key benefits of the CHIPit Silver Edition

• Provides up to 200MHz System performance
• Emulation and High Speed Rapid Prototyping in one System
• System handles up to 0.6 M ASIC gates
• On board memory (320 MByte SDRAM, 22 MByte SRAM)
• Open connectivity (up to 248 free user I/O pins)
• Transaction based verification solution (SCE-MI)
• Supports Co-Simulation, Transaction based Emulation and In-Circuit verification modes
• Dynamic probes capability for interactive debugging
• Incl. patented UMRBus Communication System (allows test, debugging and visibility of the design)
• Compact and transportable solution (e.g. "Prototype" Demonstrator)
• Support for Solaris, Windows and Linux

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