XpressAGX for Altera ArriaGX

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The XpressAGX design kit provides a complete environment for designs implementing high-speed serial interfaces in Altera’s Arria GX FPGAs. This development kit is built on a PCIe form-factor card and targets the development of designs utilizing PCI Express Gen1 (1.0a/1.1) as their main communication interface.

What's unique about our Development Kit?

* An unlimited and unrestricted “Protocore” license of both our industry proven XpressLite IP core; no time-bomb or tethered operation; you are free to configure, integrate, and implement our IP in your design as long as your design runs on a XpressAGX board
* Full support for Verilog only and VHDL only design flows
* A comprehensive event-driven, procedure-driven PCI Express® Testbench in both Verilog and VHDL.
* A complete Software Design Kit (SDK) with a full-featured license-free 32-bit and 64-bit Linux, and 32-bit Windows PCI Express® device driver; The SDK also includes an API with source code and example GUI applications also with source code.
* A portfolio of specialized daughtercards that fit within the board height and length, and with a combined width compliant to the PCI Express® Card Electromechanical Specification; Custom daughtercards can be designed and produced in short turn times.
* Fast and accurate, industry acclaimed technical support provided by the board and IP designers.

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The XpressAGX development board is a PCI Express Specification 1.1 compliant, tested at 2.5 Ghz.
The XpressAGX board supports the Altera Arria GX (EP1AGX60DF780C6) in x1 and x4

Design Kit contents and features

* XpressAGX development board (RoHS compliant)

* PCI Express® short form add-in board
o PCI Express® Base Specification 1.1 compliant, tested at 2.5Ghz
* Altera Arria GX (EP1AGX60DF780C6)
o ~50,000 (80%) equivalent Logic Elements available for your design
* Standard-based protocols supported
o PCI Express® v1.1, x1 and x4
o PCI Express® v1.1, x1 and x4 Cabling on daughtercard
o 10/100/1000 Ethernet via LAN91C111
* Memory
o 32M x 32bits DDR2 SDRAM
o 2 MB user FlashPROM
* I/O
o 8 Tx/Rx Gigabits links
o 13 transmit and 13 receive LVDS pairs (also available as 52 LVCMOS25 signals)
o 4 Gigabit high-speed transceiver pairs
o 45 LVCMOS33 signals
* Power supply
o Through PCI Express® edge connector
o External upon request, for bulk orders
* Other
o 1x oscillator input
o 8x LED
o 8x switch
o 1x extended RS232

* XpressAGX board design files

* Schematics

* XpressLite PCI Express® 1.1 x1/x4/x8 endpoint IP core package

* “Protocore” license, for board use only

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