WebNet S-1

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Development Boards & Kits

XC3S500E + ARM 9 + (64 + 32) MB SDRAM + 8 MB FLASH

Product Description: 

The ARM9 processor runs a Linux operating system and is a powerfull embedded computer for man-machine interfaces and machine-machine network communication and surveillance.
Other OS like ThreadX, Vx-Works and Windows CE are also possible.
The programmable FPGA is a true real-time data processor and may serve many purposes: DSP, fleksible display interface, hig-speed parallel I/O control, custom interface gateway etc.
The uController serves as boot monitor, power watchdog with external monitoring an early waring, temperature and reset logging.
Fast way from idea to product.
The modules are suitable for both prototyping and production as both memory and FPGA can be scaled to fit performance and cost requirements.
The number of systemboards, reference designs and FPGA IPs increases continously.

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