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XCV4FX12 + 64MB DDR SDRAM + 16MB Flash

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The FX12 board is a development platform based on Xilinx's Virtex-4 FX12 FPGA. The FX12 showcases Xilinx's latest FPGA architectures and it contains a PowerPC core, dual ethernet MACs, 32 XtremeDSP slices, 80KB of block RAM, advanced clock management, and flexible pin drivers. The FX12 board extends the features of the FPGA by adding external memories, a flexible time base, power supplies, an ethernet PHY, a 24-bit VGA port, a serial port, expansion connectors, and other I/O devices.

The FX12 board is supported by world-class design tools from Xilinx, including ISE, WebPack , Chipscope-Pro, Embedded Developers Kit (EDK), and System Generator. When used in conjunction with Xilinx tools, the FX12 board brings an unprecedented level of performance to a low-cost development board.

Virtex-4 FX12 FPGA
JTAG programming port that can accommodate all Digilent and Xilinx programming cables
XCF08S Xilinx Platform Flash ROM to store FPGA configurations
Marvell 88E1111 "Alaska" gigabit ethernet PHY
24-bit Analog Devices high-speed Video DAC
16MB of Micron Flash ROM
Linear Technology high current switching power supplies
Linear Technology FastDAACS connector for driving high-speed analog peripherals
user-settable Integrated Circuit System frequency synthesizer (up to 300+MHz)
On-Board RS-232 serial port, LCD display, buttons, switch, and LEDs

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