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Spartan 3 XC3S1000L

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The Xilinx Spartan-3 Evaluation Kit delivers a stable platform to develop and test designs targeted to the world's lowest cost per gate and lowest cost per I/O FPGA. The installed XC3S400 device offers a prototyping environment to effectively implement 32-bit PCI, 10/100 Ethernet and video designs. Also provided are PS2 ports, a JTAG configuration port and RS-232 console interface. Demonstration VHDL code is included with the kit to exercise sample designs on the evaluation board for a quick start to device familiarization. The Xilinx Spartan-3 family delivers not only low-cost, but also low-risk and extreme flexibility in a wide range of applications.

Key Features

Xilinx XC3S400-FG456, XC3S1000L-FG456, XC3S1500-FG456 Spartan-3 FPGA
Xilinx platform FLASH configuration PROM
2 Oscillators (66 MHz installed & socket for use frequency selection)
Parallel cable III equivalent JTAG configuration port
2 AvBus expansion connectors
1, 50-pin header for easy I/O access (includes 4 LVDS pairs)
Universal 32-bit PCI edge connector*
10/100 Ethernet port*
DB15 & video DAC
RS-232 console
PS2 keyboard and mouse ports
Analog I/O**
256kb serial EEPROM
4-position DIP switch
2 push-buttons
8 discrete LEDs
Dual-digit 7-segment LED display
* Development using these ports will require purchase or creation of appropriate IP cores
** Analog I/O provided as described in Xilinx Application Notes XAPP154 & XAPP155

Target Applications

Home networking
Digital video
Test & measurement
Medical & scientific

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