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The Xilinx Spartan-3 Mini-Module is the ultimate programmable system. Designed as a complete system on a module, the Mini packages all the necessary functions needed for an embedded processor system, onto a tiny footprint slightly bigger than a stick of chewing gum. System Architects, FPGA designers, and board designers will find the flexibility of Spartan-3 Mini-Module ideal for high performance, embedded controller applications. The on-board Ethernet port adds networking capabilities for internet appliance solutions, while the configurable I/O settings offer versatile interface options.

The Spartan-3 Mini-Module is offered as a development kit, with a companion baseboard, power supply, software, and reference designs. The Mini-Module is based on the Spartan-3 3S400 FPGA from Xilinx, and includes SRAM, Flash memory, configuration memory, 10/100 Ethernet MAC/PHY, system clock, and up to 76 user I/O. The I/O can be configured as single-ended signals as well as differential LVDS pairs. The module plugs into the baseboard via headers and can be removed for use in proprietary systems if desired. The baseboard provides the necessary power, user switches, LEDs, LCD panel, RS232 and USB ports, and a user I/O header. Two JTAG compatible ports are available on the baseboard to download configuration data to the FPGA directly or to program the serial data flash memory with the FPGA .mcs file.

Designers looking for an off-the-shelf, fully configurable, low cost embedded processor system capable of supporting MicroBlaze and real-time operating systems, will find the Spartan-3 Mini-Module from Avnet Electronics Marketing an ideal fit. The Mini Development Kit helps jump start your design effort, while stand-alone modules can be easily integrated into custom applications. Migration options are also available from the family of Mini-Module platforms offered by Avnet.

Mini-Module Features:

Small Footprint (30 mm x 65.5 mm)
Complete System-On-A-Module
Supports MicroBlaze Processor
400K Gate Spartan-3 FPGA
10/100 Ethernet MAC and PHY
SRAM and Flash Memory
76 User I/O
Baseboard Features:

Supports Mini-Module Family
Module Socket Allows Easy Connection
Provides 3.3V, 2.5V and 1.2V
USB and RS232 Ports
2 x 16 Character LCD
User Switches and LEDs
SAM Compatible I/O Header
Target Applications

MicroBlaze Applications
Ethernet/Internet Applications
Embedded Controller
General Purpose Development

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